———— Chairman of Board ———


Mr. Dong Guanglin

He was awarded the title of "Star Entrepreneur" by Longgang District Committee and government for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004; 

He was awarded the title of "Star entrepreneur" by Huludao City Government in 2002; 

He was elected as the representative of Huludao Municipal People's Congress with honor in 2000, and was awarded the title of "Outstanding Representative of Municipal People's Congress" and "National Excellent Township Entrepreneur" in 2004 "Excellent individual" and other honorary titles of United Front Work Department of Liaoning provincial Party committee. 

He was elected deputy to Liaoning Provincial People's Congress in 2007 and was awarded vice president of Liaoning Foreign Trade Council. 

He won the May 1st Labor Medal in 2008.

While improving the economic benefits, we should not forget to improve the welfare of employees, constantly improve the working environment of employees, and increase the investment in environmental protection, occupational health and safety. As a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress, he was able to meet the urgent needs of the people. At the same time, he often visited and sympathized with the poor people around him, helped poor college students and donated money to build bridges for the masses in mountainous areas Over the past few years, donations have accumulated to more than one million yuan.


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